Peer-Reviewed Journals and Conference Proceedings

Krishna, S. 2020. Spatiotemporal (in)justices in digital platforms: An analysis of food-delivery platforms in south India. In: The Future of Digital Work: The Challenge of Inequality IFIP Joint Working Conference: 10-11 December 2020.    

Krishna, S. 2020. Digital Identity, Datafication and Social Justice: understanding Aadhaar use among informal workers in south India. Information Technology for Development.

Krishna, S. 2019. Identity, Transparency, and Other Visibilities: A liquid surveillance perspective of biometric identity. In: DSA – Politics in Development Conference, Oxford Department of International Development, Oxford.

Krishna, S. & Zheng, Y. 2018. ‘Many-eyed monsters and their lure – Surveillance, seduction, and governmentality’. In: Living with Monsters? Social Implications of Algorithmic Phenomena, Hybrid Agency and the Performativity of Technology Conference, IFIP8.4, San Francisco, California.

Heeks, R. and Krishna, S. 2016. ICTs and Hope for Development: A Theoretical Framework. The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 77. 

Book Chapters

Krishna, S. 2022. Delivering (In)justice: Contestations within India’s digital food delivery platforms. In: Platform Labour and Global Logistics: A Research Companion. Routledge.

Krishna, S. 2021. The role of Gig-worker during crisis: Consequences of COVID19 on food delivery workers in south India. In: “COVID-19 from the Margins: Pandemic Invisibilities, Policies and Resistance in the Datafied Society” (Milan, Treré and Masiero, Eds).

In Preparation/Working Papers

Krishna, S. 2023 [Draft Available].  Liquid Inclusion: The Dynamics of Inclusion Under Datafication and Surveillance.

Krishna, S. 2023 [In Preparation]. Intersubjectivity of Data and Labour: Seeking Data Justice in Gig-Work. Part of the Special issue on Data Justice in the AI & Ethics Journal.   

Krishna, S. 2023 [In Preparation]. What would an anti-casteist AI system look like? (2023) – Paper presentation scheduled at Many Worlds of AI- Intercultural Approaches to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Conference. The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (LCFI), University of Cambridge.

Krishna, S. 2023 [In Preparation]. The Labour of Claiming Identity and Making Data. Invited Book Chapter in forthcoming ‘Critical ICT4D’ edited volume in Routledge.

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